Coward Ego

Phemi Kgomongwe
2 min readAug 18, 2021

I often tell myself that I would be happy seeing my ideas come to life, even if it not through me. Is that true?

True effort is measurable and its results are clear to see.

What is effort?
If you have spent 20 hours studying and completing assignments but do not submit them and you get zero. And your colleague spent zero hours on their studies and assignments and also gets zero.
Does it mean you didn’t put any effort? Are you the same as them?

The answer is twofold:

  • To the authorities and subsequent world at large, you are the same and your efforts resulted in naught.
  • To yourself on the other hand, you know the subject matter more and have 20 hours worth of studying under your belt, which the world does not recognize because you failed to demonstrate it by submitting.

What caused you not to submit?

Was it Ego or Cowardice?
Ego says — I choose to not let the world judge my efforts. You can do so by keeping your actions private and invisible. Born out of pride and/or spite.
Cowardice says — I cannot let the world judge my efforts. Born out of fear of inadequacy and/or laziness.

One is deliberate while the other is circumstantial. Either way, they are both a hindrance to your advancement.

We as human beings have an uncanny ability to live twice. First in our head and then in the real world. This skill allows us to measure ourselves against the world and develop attributes such as ambition, fear, passion etc. What I would call our forward shadow.

It is these attributes that when exposed to the world cause us to be graded, measured or given a status.
Dr Dennis Kimbro says “Service is the price you pay for the space you occupy”. If that’s the case and we occupy at least two spaces — one in our head and the other in the world. Are we serving or servicing one or both of them?

The intersection of Ego and Cowardice is Effort. Effort is visible action. Effort bears results. Effort is judged and measured. Lastly, Effort is rewarded accordingly.

Ego and Cowardice, Pride and Fear, through inaction share the same fate; but with action they yield different results.

We both get zero for not submitting but we would not get the same result if we both submit.

Submit to the world you live in. Pay for the space you occupy. Serve. Serve yourself and those around you. With your actions, efforts and deeds.