Effort Based Results

The underworld and to some extent the world in general runs on sorrow and ambition. We are often caught in the middle and our drive or lack of it is based on our perception of our situation or circumstance.
This combined with our efforts will either elevate us into our true potential and catapult us out of where we are and into new heights and spheres; or cycle us back down to where we come from.

Effort is key. It unlocks confidence and fortitude.
The results of our actions or inactions are a reflection of our efforts and not necessarily a reflection of who we are.

We are not as bad as we think we are, nor are we as great as we think we are. We are somewhere in between. But what can be measured and graded is our efforts. The results of our efforts to be more exact. That is who we will be to the world. That is who we truly are.



Integrator | Entrepreneur | Creative

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