Planning to Live vs Living with a Plan

Pray for discernment. The Serenity Prayer is a good start.

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Is there really a difference?

I believe so. The difference is as subtle and vast, as the difference between holding on and tolerating. One is stagnant and the other has motion.

i have been at this job for a while and i think i have reached the glass ceiling; but i have been holding on for the sake of… (insert valid reason or excuse).

After making my millions i will live a happy life. (dependant on the millions)


i have been at this job for a while and i think i have reached the glass ceiling; but i am only tolerating it until…(insert valid reason or excuse).

I am working on living a happy life. (with or without millions)

Think of a storm. Holding On means you will live with it for as long as it occurs, without instigating change. In setswana we say “wa itshoka”. You might be praying that it will pass or for strength to hang on for as long as possible. You are holding on and planning to live only after the storm.

Tolerance on the other hand is “the capacity to endure continued subjection to something without adverse reaction”. It has motion, you weather the storm, you ride through it or it passes through you but there is movement. In Setswana we say “wa kgotlelela”.

I see people on social media and in real life, taking in all the adversities being thrown at them by external forces (be it partners, politicians, economy, environment, etc.) and choosing to Hold On, hoping and praying for strength or a change in circumstance.

What if change is on the other side?

Planning to Live is waiting for circumstances to change before you execute your plan. This has the propensity to keep you where you are for a long time. Waiting. Stagnant. Hoping.

Living with a Plan is navigating these circumstances with a plan as a blueprint. Shoot! the plan might land you in another career, country, society etc.

Our ability to draw breath makes us to be considered Alive; but it takes a bit more than that for us to live.

At the end of the day, if you synthesize your current situation. How much are you Holding On to and how much are you Tolerating?

There lies the answer to whether you are planning to live or living with a plan.

Life is for the Living.



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