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Wake up! You are in the future. The future decided to come to you.

©Phemi Kgomongwe

While those in the last age of empires are busy trying to build on their legacy — trying to invent a pen that can write in zero gravity — you have a pencil. Don’t wait on them to figure it out, live the way you want to. The way you are meant to.

Society and the world are in transition. We are entering what is called the Planetary Era, and others are exploring making us a multi-planetary species. Futurists predict that the world will be more green — better environmental care, more grey — people getting older and living longer and less white — change in ethnicity and growth in the population of non-white people.

This new era does not replace everything from the empire era. It simply engulfs and overpowers it, reducing its dominance and significance. It erodes but not erases. What this (planetary) era does bring is more choice, and choice has its advantages and consequences. One of the disadvantages of choice is less tolerance.

The world has been saying it is your time for a while now. We have all seen or know stories of talent identified at a young age and burdened with the expectation of being an omnipotent super being. As the young say, it ends in tears and becomes a tragedy and a dream unfulfilled. Is this what they want of you?

We are entering the age of community. We have access to most basic needs, we have access to information, and we access each other’s lives, regardless of location. This makes a community a human imperative because we can choose where and how we belong, regardless of location. Community can be simplified to mean — a place where someone notices if you go missing. A beautiful form of belonging and accountability, based on a set of rules, common understanding and criteria. We categorise community by geolocation, as a local social system, as a functional association, and as a social movement.

A healthy community is diverse but united. Unity in diversity as the slogan of the ANC (African National Congress) says. This unity in diversity will bring great benefits to societies and the world in general. It will also bring with it a new set of challenges. There will be new -isms that will rival the old -isms (racism, capitalism, sexism, etc.), we do not know how they will affect us and what they will look like.

What we do know is this: You have a pencil. The sun is shining and shining for you. Wake up and tell us what you have been dreaming of, or better yet draw it for us on this beautiful canvas called earth. The world is scrambling to create what you already possess. All we truly need is your guidance, voice, and vision.

Wake up! You are in the future.

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